13th Apr,2010 Quorum Services offers cost effective inspections for the My Safe Florida Home Program. This program reaches its initial goals of offering 400,000 free wind inspections.

Selected as one of only eleven companies designated by the State of Florida, Quorum Services is an official Wind Certification Entity (WCE). Besides providing home inspections, it also focuses on its prime mission to educate homeowners on how to protect their lives and property from wind hurricane damages. This program also offers 35,000 matching grants to single family Florida homeowners. It has conducted thousands of Wind Mitigation Inspections in Florida on behalf of the state of Florida in both commercial and residential sectors.

The wind mitigation inspection under this program makes the home owners eligible for qualifying their building structures for attaining wind mitigation credits. Qualified inspectors carry out a thorough inspection of the roof covering, roof deck attachment, roof to wall attachment, roof geometry, gable end bracing, wall construction type, Secondary Water Resistance (SWR) and opening protection. Having undergone wind inspection through the My Safe Florida Home program one gets potentially eligible for insurance discounts or credits and receives a mitigation form. The Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form (Form 1802) remains valid up to five years provided that the structure has not undergone any material changes. This personalized form informs insurance company on how the building structure may qualify for insurance discounts.

Certified professionals of this company undertake a detailed inspection of the commercial and residential structures in both private and public sectors. They remain instrumental in carrying out building inspections in Florida, pertaining to the time factor and budget of the clients. The entire inspection procedure complies with the Florida Building Code and other regulatory provisions of the state. www.quorumservices.com gives a clear view of the various inspection services offered by Quorum Services that proves beneficial for safeguarding life and property in Florida.