Rank up in GTA Online with Modding Services from GTA-V-Mods.com

GTA Online players can now get pre-modded accounts and modding services without having to scurry through various sources. Gta-v-mods.com is offering modded GTA 5 accounts for PC (Steam and Social Club) at great prices which will enable complete access to money drops, all unlocks, weapons and higher RP rank.

Gta-v-mods.com has announced a sale in 2018 for all their modding services and accounts for Grand Theft Auto V. Gamers can either opt for the pre-modded GTA online PC account which means that the account is already modded and also includes a copy of GTA V on Social club. This pre-modded GTA 5 accounts comes with max skills, RP rank, max abilities, all unlocks and money. The accounts are further classified into bronze, silver and gold packages. Each of these packs is defined with the variance in money, levels and rank and all unlocks. The gold package has an additional facility of custom requirements as well. This package costs as little as $25 to $45. Customers who have already purchased this pre-mod have been able to see the benefit for opting for these packages to stay ahead in GTA Online.

The GTA 5 modding service is also on sale with a small price tag of as little as $15 to $25. GTA 5 modding service comes with money, RP rank, max skills, max abilities and all unlocks just like pre-modded accounts. This service will be delivered within 3-24 hours from the time of order. In order to opt for this service, customers would need to share their email; Steam or Social Club username and password to mod the account. If customers aren’t comfortable with sharing their details they can also avail this service by opting for a pre-modded account service. The in-game money that comes along with this service is drawing a lot of attention to the modding service. If players face any issues, the round the clock service of the customer service is sure to fix the issue and also provide perks along the way.

About Gta-v-mods.com:

Gta-v-mods.com is a one-stop mod shop for GTA Online modding services. Getting access to money; all unlocks, and higher ranks in GTA online for a cheap price tag is finally a reality. The modding service and pre-made accounts are on sale for a limited time to welcome new customers. To learn more about GTA online modding services visit https://gta-v-mods.com/

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