Ready4AChange, a leading United States based patient coordinator service for weight loss surgery in Mexico, today announced its partnership with Quick and Healthy. Quick and Healthy recipe books by Brenda J Ponichetra have been recommended by healthcare professionals all over the world and the fact that it‘s recipes are tasty as well as nutritious has been verified by USA Today, Miami Herald and others.

Judy Cay, Patient Coordinator for Dr Zapata and Ready4AChange said, “I have personally gone through the weight loss surgery phase and found the book very useful in my personal weight loss journey. When planning a recipe corner for our blog I could think of no one but Brenda. She instantly agreed”.

Alma Orozco of Ready4aChange added, “The addition of a recipe corner to our blog is a reflection of our commitment to making life easy for high BMI people. The recipes are tasty, nutritious and suitable for those on a weight loss surgery diet and programs. Eating well benefits the body and reduces post surgical complications.

You can view the ready4Achange blog at “”.

The addition of a recipe corner on its weight loss surgery website blog is yet another milestone for ready4achange. It ensures that patients are assisted throughout pre surgery, during surgery and post surgery phases.

Ready4AChange is a United States based organization dedicated to bringing weight loss surgeries within easy reach of all those suffering from obesity. They are one of the oldest and most reliable companies of this kind on the internet and have helped more than 20,000 Americans find freedom from obesity. After much careful research and investigation their team determined that Monterrey, Mexico and Dr. Miguel Zapata provide services equal to, or superior to, those provided elsewhere and at much more affordable prices. They are members of the Better Business Bureau and Patient Coordinator‘s Center of Excellence. Ready4AChange lobbies actively to keep weight loss surgeries in Monterrey affordable and safe. It believes that these life saving opportunities must be made available to the average person and not just the chosen few who have insurance or bushels of money.

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