London based luxury gift company Goldgenie are customising real life roses in 24k Gold and Platinum – and in the run up to Valentine’s day they are seeing their unique offering literally blossom.

Company founder and London based Laban Roomes who founded the company in 1995 came upon the idea after years of buying flowers for his wife and watching them eventually wither away, he wondered how could he prolong his ‘gift of love’ to remain as a constant reminder in the house long after the flowers had dried up and died.

An idea was born and the company that specialises in ‘luxury gifts for the un-giftable’ started experimenting with preserving organic material in precious metal, such as leaves and twigs until they perfected the Eternal Rose.

The Eternal roses are presented in a luxury purpose made gift box and come complete with own stand, certificate of authenticity and a lifetime guarantee, single roses or bunches of 11 plus can be purchased at their website for next day delivery to any address in the U.K or Europe – 3 day delivery outside of Europe.

Goldgenie Eternal roses come in a plethora of colors. i.e red, pink, purple and white with 24k gold plated stems and petals and leaves protected in a durable clear resin.

These amazing pieces of nature wrapped up in genuine 24k gold and Platinum will make a lasting impression, they are designed to let your loved one know just how much you care and be a lasting reminder of your love.

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