Wooden venetian blinds makes a declaration in any Larkspur, Colorado house. From homey to stately, nothing adds warmth to a room quite like them. They offer wonderful light control and privacy. Adjust a few degrees of slant and your entire room may take on a total new experience. The rustic and organic materials create a warm and private mood.

There are slat sizes ranging from 1" to 3 5/8" to fit different depths of window frames and provide different views through. Options include decorative cloth tapes, clean painted whites, luscious stains, oil rubbed finishes, and designer valances. They are also available in rustic wood styles, plus visible knots and other unique wooden characteristics. They are available routeless, with no holes to let light seep in. There are wood blinds in both cordless and with a motorized tilt function for high or out of reach areas. Wood venetian blinds are lighter than faux wooden blinds, so they put reduced stress of cords when they are raised. They can be made in wider widths, so an individual blind can cover a wide window instead of several faux wooden blinds.

For the most advantageous solar heat control chose a lighter colored blind and keep slats in the closed position to protect energy. You can open them to allow warmth and light in during the daylight. Wood blinds are one the most functional and all-purpose window treatment selection.

The solid look and feel of the hard wood brings warmth to every interior design. The reach of their colors, slat sizes, cornices, tapes and embellishing trims make it effortless to fuse with any Larkspur, Colorado room decor.

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