Every person faces the pain of a breakup at some point of time in their life and most of them just adjust their life accordingly. But if you are not one of these then you can have some of the amazing tips that can help you know how to get ex back, all you need is a perfect plan for action. The whole secret lies in the actions you follow, if you still feel that love then even your loved one should realize that. First of all try to remember the things that made you reach the breaking line.

You can only reach back in his or her arms when you don‘t repeat the mistake you did last time. If you really want to get ex back then you have to recall all the likes and dislikes he or she had. You have to keep in mind that you don‘t have to beg in front of them to take you back into their life; you have to make them feel your importance. Until they feel that they need you, your relationship will not be as lively as it was earlier. You have to be the same person again with whom he fell in love.

The first thing to get your notice on is your dressing; if you want to how to get ex back then you have to look physically attractive. Work out and dress nicely, all you have to do is give some time to yourself and give a shock to your ex with your new good looks. Whenever you run into your ex just see to the fact that you keep warm and don‘t seem like begging him or her to take you back. If you want to get ex back be the one to stand by him whenever there is a problem. Be like a support for your ex, but beware don‘t annoy him. Stay a little distant from him so that he feels the need to approach you. This is possible when you don‘t give them much of your attention. Jump into your daily routine; make them feel that you don‘t need them to live happily.

The flame of love can be reignited if they feel your importance. You have the weapon of jealousy in your hand to get your ex back make them feel that there are many people who are interested in you. So whenever you are at a party and your ex is somewhere near then let the potential dates approach you, this will make him angry and you can feel the heat that ignites in your ex‘s heart. But as you know everything in excess has a side effect, therefore avoid doing it often and in excess otherwise your ex will have the feeling that you have moved on in life and so should he. Thin will from a big hurdle to get your ex back.

Whenever your friends ask you about your past relationship give a positive answer. Tell them about the nice moments you shared, the positive attitude of your ex and what he was good at. When your ex will hear these things he will be fond of you. When you try all these things just keep one thing ion mind that you need to get your ex back by making him realize that there was nothing like the love you two shared.

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