Business process outsourcing continues to be in high demand throughout the US, and in line with this, Reps Direct announced the company can now fulfill positions in various businesses such as customer service, medical billing, sales, lead generation and social media.

Companies today are faced with a complex economic situation, and for a growing business, the need to balance growth with expenditure has to be addressed constantly. What studies have shown is that a remote team can go a long way towards productivity improvement and maintaining focus on the business core.

However the key word for BPO has always been quality, as poorly trained reps can ruin a company instead of being of help.  Given this situation, Reps Direct has taken steps to ensure that their staff is up to the task.

“Our staff is highly trained and will work directly with our clients,” Rep Direct says. “Our people speak perfect English and can speak several other languages including French, German, Spanish and Italian. In addition, our clients have full access to them and if necessary, provide extra training, so it’s like they’re a part of the organization.”

With companies in the US focused on expansion while keeping budget expenses down, the need for a highly trained remote staff has become more apparent. Reps Direct however, is ready for the challenge and feel confident about their ability to provide for clients. “Our company was built on the foundation of quality remote reps, and we always deliver.”

About Reps Direct

Reps Direct is a company that offers BPO services in a variety of fields including medical billing, social media and lead generation among others. All of the company’s reps are bilingual and trained specifically to work with clients and companies. For more information and particulars, please go to

Scott Kay Reps Direct Reps Direct is a business process outsourcing company focused on providing highly skilled remote staff to support growing businesses around the world. We serve international companies that are looking to grow their business with quality employees while reducing overhead to ensure rising profits. We can handle many duties including contact center customer support, medical billing, reservation handling, e-commerce order processing, revenue management cycle and sales. our reps speak tier 1 quality languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.

We are headquartered in the United States with offices in Managua, Nicaragua.

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