Shenzhen, China - The team at CSD Film Capacitor is pleased to continue a tradition of excellence. Through their company, customers can learn about and purchase professional-grade film capacitors directly from the manufacturer. The company was founded in 2001 and continues to professionally produce and sell metallized film capacitors.

CSD Film Capacitor offers DC-link, snubber, resonance, AC-filter, polyester-film capacitors , and polypropylene-film capacitors . The units have become widely used and liked for their reliability, cost-effectiveness, and low dissipation factors. Film capacitors offer low failure rates and unparalleled stability, and the CSD Film Capacitor staff is excited to offer their high quality products to customers around the world.

CSD Film Capacitor also aims to provide unparalleled customer service. Through the company’s website, prospective and current customers can peruse through the comprehensive FAQ section to find answers to pressing questions. Inquiries can also be seamlessly submitted online, either through the company’s online messaging system or via e-mail. Customers can also call CSD Film Capacitor with any questions or concerns.

Film capacitors can be found in a number of applications, including power equipment, electronics, electronic vehicles, LED high-power lights, inverters, and instruments. CSD Film Capacitor ensures that customers receive the highest level of performance in their unique applications by offering the utmost in quality control and production processes.

All products from CSD Film Capacitor have passed ISO 9001-2008, safety certification UL, VDE, CQC, ENEC, and other industry standards.

The company’s factory offers 180 specially trained staff members who are experienced in the latest testing and quality control procedures. For instance, each product is tested with a process that involves high precision winding to check capacity, pressure, and dissipation of the capacitor.

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CSD Film Capacitor is a premier manufacturer of high quality, professional film capacitors.

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