When Rochelle Drumm was just five years old she would excitedly come home from school and recite to her mother what everyone she had seen that day was wearing. She knew every last detail down to the stitch. Even at such a young age she knew she had to make fashion her future no matter how hard she had to work.

Becoming a fashion executive for a nationally recognized corporation seemed to be where Rochelle‘s future had led her. She had finally made it. Her life was everything she had wanted and more. The fashion industry was the essence of Rochelle. During her career she traveled the world learning about people of all ages and their different styles and taste, from north to south and every where in between. London, Paris, Germany, and Italy, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Greece, and Tortola, the Bahamas, Canada, the Caribbean, Ixtapa, and Costa Rica are just a small selection of Rochelle‘s broad travels.

After all the freedom and independence Rochelle had experienced, and all that she had learned in her years in the business world, she felt something was missing. After trying for more than two years to get pregnant, and going through numerous treatments, many emotions and some guilt and sadness, she had come to terms that her journey would be a different one than she‘d expected. It would involve helping children and making a difference for their future. This was her destiny and Rochelle was happy with this. At 38 years old she decided that she wanted to own her own business. A business where she could be creative and use the skills she had harvested over the years as well as her passion for cooking, fashion, and children. She wanted to put the creative process and the ability to develop a successful business to fusion and create something that could give back to people and make a difference in their lives.

Rochelle wanted to build a national brand that could become a household name not only for Mom‘s but also for children. She wanted her products to be affordable to everyone. To be able to partner with different children‘s organizations and help bring awareness to various causes that need additional funding and volunteers. To become an advocate and speaker for Foster Care and increase the awareness for those who are looking to adopt. All this can and would be possible with the launching of her business “babychix”.

Rochelle began to develop “babychix” in 2002 while still working as an executive in the fashion industry. For many years her mother had been a creative force in her life. It was her original paraffin diaper that gave Rochelle the idea to develop something fun and functional that could be used for floral arrangements, gift baskets, snacks, q-tips and other items in a nursery. It took several years to find the right partners and samples plus the process to patent the keepsake diaper shaped container. “babychix” is a registered trademark and each character was designed to reflect the personalities of Rochelle‘s niece and nephews.

In addition to her creativity and unique array of products, Rochelle wants to use her business to benefit and help children all over the world. A portion of the sales from “babychix” will be donated accordingly to h.o.p.e. = happiness, opportunity, peace and education. This organization brings hope to the world through education, disease control and medical training and care.

By creating this brand and launching “babychix”, Rochelle created a business where she can be in charge of her own destiny while helping children in need. As Rochelle would say, “Children do not have a choice as to when they come in to this world, who their parents are, their social class or even if they will be healthy. It‘s our responsibility to provide all children with the love, support, care and means to live the best life they can no matter the hand they are dealt”.

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