They represent Italy, kingdom of Italy. Italy has other royal pretenders. However Emperor Eugenio Magnarin is king of Italy, leader of Alexander great (Magnus) Charles Magnus imperial house by DNA.  Your constitutional monarchy has control of part of Europe , France , Italy. In the actuality, the house is responsible by a few government control.

The royal house with the internet media, the people know the emperor Frankish exist. This royal house has the main house in Italy. They share government with government of Italy and the kingdom with king Eugenio Magnarin.

Also this royal house has bilateral agreement with GOV IUKAC EMPIRE & Union of the crown UK also has bilateral agreement with Ottoman Empire royal house and kingdom of New Spain. This royal house has vision to re-establish kingdom of Italy in all Italian territory and continue control government but for now the royal family have the prime minister of Italy.

King Eugenio Magnarin have a few other royal patent and Fon Honorun court order granted by emperor Ludwig Falkenstein Hasburgo Sobieski Stewart Tudor De la Vega.

 Your monarchy association is controlled by king Eugenio Magnarin and parents.

All Italian and European title that want to become part of this royal house can contact them.

Also imperial house of Charles Magnus offers noble title to all people who want to become noble royalty.


By The Grace of God,

King Eugenio Magnarin

Royal House Magnarin Di Castronuovo Argeade-Carolingia


Hrh Eugenio Magnarin

C/o Edicola Corazzi

Via Raffaele Balestra 35-37

00152 Roma (Italy)


Media contact

Company name: Royal House Magnarin Di Castronuovo Argeade-Carolingia

Contact person: King Eugenio Magnarin

Phone: 240.455.3170

Country: Italy