Nicosia, Cyprus- Nov 24, 2009 - RummyRoyal offers the best technology in Online Rummy applications in the world and as a result, it is probably the number one Rummy application, out there. It offers all the popular variations of the game and life-like graphics. But the biggest advantage of this application is that it allows people from all over the world to compete with each other and hone their playing skills. RummyRoyal's Rummy application is extremely easy to understand and use. You can also see free demo, game trainers and interactive tutorials to learn how to master this amazing application. This won't take more than few minutes.

After taking the markets in North America, Middle East and Western Europe by storm, Rummy Royal is now introducing this application in East Europe. The application was launched in Romanian Online Rummy and Hungarian Online Rummy in 2008 and was met by astounding success. This inspired the RummyRoyal's management to prepare this application from other parts in Eastern Europe. The application was launched in Russian Online Rummy and