Following the success of RummyRoyal integration into the European market, RummyRoyal sets its sights for Asia.

Nicosia, Cyprus - October 30, 2009 - RummyRoyal boasts the best and most advanced online rummy application in the world. After taking on Europe, North America and the Middle East with its advanced technology and availability in a wide variety of languages: English, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian, Greek, Romanian, Polish, Hebrew, Turkish and Russian, RummyRoyal is heading east.

As the leading provider of an advanced Rummy technology, RummyRoyal is proud to presents innovative Rummy software to the Asian market. In September 2009 RummyRoyal launched their application and website in Japanese. Now, within the rummy games rooms, Japanese speaking players can experience a real multi-player online Rummy game sessions with players from all over the globe. Players of all skill levels can easily navigate through the lobby and find the table they are looking for regardless of the language they are using.

Launching the Japanese brand is only the beginning as RummyRoyal is planning to officially penetrate the Asian market by adding the popular game of Mahjong during the first quarter of 2010. Mahjong is the number one, local variant of the Rummy games among numerous far-east countries and has been a household name for centuries. Sharing others Rummy games play structure, Mahjong objective is to get rid of all the tiles by forming them into melds. This game is played widely offline for fun or real money by millions of people. Like all other Rummy variations, Mahjong requires both skill and strategy while being extremely exciting and elegantly aesthetic. With major similarities to other variants that are currently offered by RummyRoyal and with over three years of technical experience, RummyRoyal expects the development and launching process to be carried out quickly and professionally.

The Asian market, left virtually untouched by the online gaming industry is a very large and promising one. RummyRoyal has already began the process of entering this market by adding the Japanese language and developing the Mahjong variant and looks forward to expanding and intensifying this move by adding more relevant languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese and more. The Asian market is expected to increase growth in the number of social players and the popularity of the games world wide.