Looking beautiful and feeling good has been the prerogative of women since ancient times. Who can forget Cleopatra? Times have changed and men too vie for good looks.

At Photo facial machines the goodness of nature combines with scientific discovery of photo receptivity of our cells.

Photo Facial Machines understands the human sentiments of capturing their youthful skin and glow for long. Photo Facial Machines is an ultimate boon for people suffering from several skin problems such as roscea, brown spots, acne, wrinkles and chronic pain as well.

Photo Facial Machines have introduced several machines that would give beautiful younger looking skin and take away those years from the face and body. Some of these exciting products are
• Photo Rejuvenation Machines
• Microdermabrasion Machines
• Radio Frequency Machines
• Radio Frequency/IPL/ ELight Combo Machines
• IPL Machines
• Ultrasonic Machines
• MicroCurrent Machines
• Galvanic Machines
• Laser Machines
• Laser Hair Combs
• Breast Enhancement Machines
• Oxygen Generators

Photo Facial Machine believes in providing value for money. In order to carry this philosophy a step further, in addition to cost effective products, customers can now place their orders over phone.

Photo Facial Machine understands that the customers can find it difficult to choose the right product for their skin type and the skin problem. Hence, Photo Facial Machine will answer all the customer related queries over the phone. This will ensure that the customers do not have to throw their hard earned money on unnecessary products.

As per Claude Cote, the CEO of Photo Facial Machines, “We want to help people to remain youthful and pain free. The number of patients suffering from arthritis and chronic pain is on rise. Our aim is to provide relief to these patients in cost effective way. By spending about few minutes per seating, the patients with chronic pain and other degenerating conditions can elevate much of their chronic pain”

“Some of the renowned salon uses our Salon Equipments and you will see the latest Weight Loss Machines at the gyms. We have conducted several home and office training for the state of the art IPL model, and GSD Advanced IPL System. In our endeavor for youthful society, we also carry Collagen Anti Wrinkle Creams and Collagen Vitamins,” adds Claude Cote.

The customer service is offered 7 days a week.

For more details, please contact:
Claude Cote, CEO

Ph 734-818-0948