Compensating for common downturn during global crisis, Vietnam economy gains signs of quick recovery recently. With Vietnam‘s biggest rising demand in Asia Pacific and No.1 in global attractive real estate markets, plus VN index‘s peak of 626 on October 15th, 2009 since global crisis, domestic securities and real estate markets situation are currently on most headlines and turn into a golden opportunity to investors.

Coming along with quick recovery, the two markets‘ figures and trends are continuously changing. Investments in this period must be timely and be the result of updated market analysis. That‘s the reason investors have VIPC‘s assistance in turning the investment golden opportunity into real benefits. VIPC offers independent and institutional investors a variety range of investment capabilities to match with hundreds of valued contact professionals and investment opportunities in Real Estate, Securities and Private Equity. VIPC is guided by a group of management team with comprehensive education and a track record of performance in domestic and international finance. Taking good care of investor‘s asset, VIPC investment team is equipped with strong financial, analysis and legal background to assure high return on every single coin spent.

With strict commitments to investors‘ benefits, specialized experiences and sharp senses of market trends and decision making, VIPC Capital Management assure investors an innovative and higher standard of how investors' assets can create addition values in this golden time.

VIPC Capital Management
Jessie Vo
Sales& Marketing Officer
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