Your current diet, lifestyle and even your medical history are things you should consider when you are looking for the best diet. A diet that works for someone else will not necessarily work for you, as you may have found out from personal experience. To save the hassle of losing weight you can find a diet that is really consistent with who you are.

No matter what diet you choose, you have to be aware of what you're eating every day. This certainly doesn't sound difficult to do but it can be very easy to forget about everything you ate in the day, and this includes any snacks and drinks as well. This is why creating a food journal is a great idea, a place to jot down everything that you consume, no matter how small it is. If you do this for even a couple of weeks, you'll probably be surprised at all the extras that slip in. You may think you're being true to your diet, while not counting everything. With a food journal as a tool you can stick to your diet better and see where you're going wrong.

Another diet that may appeal to you is the Volumetrics Diet which has a scientific approach to things. By using how filling a food is compared to how many calories are in it Barbara Rolls looked at energy density of foods. If you want to lose weight you should have low density foods as these are high in volume and low in calories. Vegetables are a good example of this. On the other hand there are high density foods also, such as cookies or sweeties, and these will add lots of calories in a small amount of food. There are 4 categories for the Volumetrics Diet with 1 being the least dense foods and 4 most dense. You should eat as much of the first 2 groups as possible.

A lot of experts recommend going on a vegan or vegetarian diet for losing weight and keeping healthy. A vegan diet goes much further than a vegetarian diet, as a vegetarian diet allows you to consume eggs and dairy, just not meat, but a vegan diet will eliminate every single animal product. Numerous websites and articles have both sides to the argument of whether vegan diets are healthier or vegetarian diets are. Some people get on well with these kinds of diets, others do not. If you happen to try such a diet then keeping an eye on how many calories you consume, as well as carbs, is important. For example, filling up on pasta, sweets and bread is still possible even though you're not consuming meat, which will still not help you to lose weight. While only the vegetarians must look for alternative protein sources, both meat eaters and vegetarians should try to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Looking for the diet that's best can be a confusing task, but the diet itself isn't what counts, the way in which you approach it is. If you are consistent about eating healthier foods, cutting back on calories and exercising more, you can succeed with almost any diet. Your desired results won't be obtained by any diet unless these principals are followed.

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