Algal bloom or the uncontrolled growth of algae is a serious concern for garden pond owners. These plants thrive in water and in moist areas so you really have to expect that a possible algal bloom is possible in your water garden. There are many ways how to control and prevent algae. The most common method is by installing a pond UV filter in your water garden. Ultraviolet light is very effective in killing algae. However, UV filters alone can not do the job thoroughly. You have to implement a complete pond algae control system in order to ensure that these nasty single celled plants will not overpower your garden pond.

One of the first things that you have to do is to include the installation of pond UV filter during the construction of the water garden. Professional pond builders have the necessary expertise to accomplish this job. They will also know the right type of UV filter suitable for the size of your water garden. In case you are building your pond without the help of commercial installers, then you can easily buy a complete UV filter kit. A typical UV kit is already pre-assembled so all you have to do is to install it in your pond. A water garden with a pond UV filter can be protected against the uncontrollable growth of algae. So this should be the first device for your pond algae control system.

If you want to reduce installation and device costs, you may want to consider buying a combination pond UV filter and a bio-filter. You have to remember that a UV filter is not really a filtration device. It is designed to primarily kill algae through the use of ultraviolet lights. So it can not prevent the proliferation of dirt and debris in your pond. Such unfiltered dirt could promote the growth of unwanted algae. But if you have a combination UV light and filtration device, then your pond algae control system will be more effective. With a built-in filter, the anti-algae UV will not work doubly hard. Your pond UV filter therefore will last longer and it will remain efficient in eliminating the algae from your water garden.

To complete your pond algae control system, you may also need some additional gadgets and devices. First, you should consider buying a pond skimmer which is a general purpose cleaning unit that can remove floating solid debris. Leaves, twigs, small tree branches, and other debris may inadvertently land in your garden pond. In order to keep the water clean, you have to remove the floating debris. A skimmer will do the job quite effectively.

A pond clarifier is also very useful in fighting algal growth. Pond clarifiers are organic substances that you add in the water. These substances will infuse friendly bacteria in the pond which will break down or kill algae. It is also effective in fighting spores in order to prevent massive algal bloom. With these algae control systems in place, you will be able to keep your water garden cleaner and healthier.
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