Shrewsbury Town Football Club has put the finishing touches on its newly developed training base at Sundorne Castle, with the addition of a multi-facility modular training centre building, sourced by Modular Building Consultants.

The reconditioned, 520m2 training centre building houses a full range of training and support facilities on site, including changing rooms, showers, a physio room, a large gymnasium, kit room, offices and a restaurant. The building is the final part of the investment in the extensive Sundorne Castle site, which includes a full size training pitch, alongside dedicated goalkeeping and fitness areas.

Brian Caldwell, Chief Executive of Shrewsbury Town, explains:

“We’ve invested heavily in the new training base to help with the ongoing development of the club, both on and off the pitch. Having a dedicated training centre is a real step forward in terms of the quality and scale of the facilities – providing a single location where the team can work together throughout the week.

“Having dealt with Alan at Modular Building Consultants on a similar project at my previous club, St. Mirren, I knew he would deliver a building that would fit the brief and budget exactly. From sourcing and supplying the building, to handling the regulations and installation on site– they supported us through the entire process, and we’re delighted with the results.”

Alan Milne from Modular Building Consultants sourced the used modular building from a school, installing and configuring the building on the new site over a two-day period. The team at Shrewsbury Town then completed a full interior refit, before painting the exterior.

Training began on the newly completed site at the start of pre-season. Previously, the first team had been training on a pitch at the back of the stadium, which will now be used by Shrewsbury Town in the Community.

Alan Milne, Director at Modular Building Consultants, said:

“We were honoured to be involved in this project, and looking at the league table, the new training ground seems to be having the desired impact!

“Having worked with several league football clubs, we understand the challenges associated with creating new facilities. Developing sites and preparing a high quality training surface is a huge investment – and it’s essential that clubs get real value for money at every step of the project.

“Used modular buildings provide the perfect option, offering modern, well equipped accommodation, at a fraction of the price of a permanent structure, or a new modular building. Cost-effective, flexible and versatile, they can be installed virtually anywhere in a matter of days, and can be reconfigured to meet a full range of requirements. Should clubs need to move training grounds in the future, buildings can be quickly and easily relocated or resold to recoup the investment.”

Based in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, but working with clients across the UK, Modular Building Consultants provide advice and support on all aspects of purchasing and selling modular buildings.

Modular Building Consultants has extensive experience in sourcing appropriate used modular buildings for sports facilities across the UK. Previously, the company has worked with major football clubs including Luton Town and St. Mirren in the redevelopment of their training facilities.

Working with businesses in every industry, the company provides a full service, including sourcing buildings, handling CDM regulations, delivery and installation, as well as the purchase and resale of buildings where required. Additional information about Modular Building Consultants can be found at

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