London, UK - There are fears the number of people experiencing sight loss in the UK will double to 4 million by 2050.

According to the National Eye Research Centre - 80 per cent of all related conditions are preventable and curable.

The organisation is now calling for more funding into research.

Meanwhile, a Guildford eye hospital say the figures are "quite alarming".

Jay Dermot is an Optomestrist at Optegra in Guildford and says people need to maintain their check-ups: "We did a survey recently, and 80% plus of patients said that site was a precious commodity.

"But still only just over 40% of patients actually came to get regular eye examinations - so there's that disparity there.

"This is why I'm saying, people need to think about their eyes, maintain their check-ups and if there's something that is wrong - go and see someone straight away."

"Diabetes are pre-diabetes - we're becoming far better at spotting this and because of the way we are living and there is an obesity epidemic we hear about, the chances are more people will be diagnosed with diabetes.

"If it gets out of control, it will have a detrimental effect on the eye. So it could well be that sight problems due to diabetes if we're not careful will massively increase."

Jamie Wright, Hospital Director at Obtegra Eye Hospital in Surrey said they are working on more research: "We're very aware. We do partner with charities at Optegra.

"Our chosen charity is Fight for Sight who are very active in eye research and improving development and technologies, procedures and understanding about conditions for the benefit of patients."

"Primarily, people should ensure they have their annual eye examination or eye check, and take regular breaks from their screens during work, and generally living a healthier lifestyle.

"Many eye diseases that can cause sight loss are more common as we get older and our ageing population means there is a demand on eye care services, like all areas of healthcare, and it's increasing like never before."

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