Silicon Coast 2017 to feature Butch Chelliah, CEO of BizConnect360


The Silicon Coast 2017 Conference and Expo a powerful combination of the most valuable topics for emerging growth companies and their senior management, owners and founders.

This Conference and Expo will feature 50 exhibitors, presentations from business leaders who have founded billion-dollar companies, panels with business mentors, legal experts and industry experts.

Silicon Coast 2017 brings these organizations together where they can meet people who have built successful billion-dollar brands, partner with Fortune 500 Companies and explore the mission critical issues for the Enterprise.

Some of our Keynote Speakers and Panelists are Jon Kraft, Co-Founder and CEO of Pandora Media, the largest and fastest growing online radio service in the world, Sandy Carter, Best Selling Author, Venture Capitalist and Managing Partner of Bois Capital, LLC, Tarang Shah and Butch Chelliah, CEO of BizConnect360, the fast rising Technology Marketing and Branding company operating in Multiple Countries.

Butch Chelliah is one of the Top Business Leaders and Visionaries in the world today. While many leaders and speakers just “talk the talk”, Butch has proven himself in a variety of arenas over and over again. His approach to life and success, is not just theory, but comes from real world experience that he has gained through his own ascent to the top, as well as in his mentoring of others to make that same climb.

His amazing gift for speaking with honesty and integrity has been his trademark throughout his career. He has Trained over 5+ Million Sales Professionals all over the world and continues to transfer his Sales and Marketing Strategies today to Thousands more each week.

Butch resides in Southern California with his wife, Florence and his greatest accomplishment has been the reward of raising his 2 daughters, Taylor & Payton.

SOURCE: Silicon Coast 2017:

Butch Chelliah
Tel: 714.410.0370
Address: 155 Riverview Drive, Ste 220, Anaheim Hill, CA 92808


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