The Olympics are easily one of the best venues for the world’s top athletes to compete against one another and showcase their personal abilities for their country. Singapore was one of the many countries in the world that exploded in joy and amusement as their very own Joseph Schooling beat world renowned champion Michael Phelps in the 100m butterfly swim.

Not only is it an accomplishment in itself to beat a world record holder in swimming, but also the world’s most decorated athlete. On top of that excitement, Joseph Schooling brought home the very first Olympic gold medal that Singapore has received in the history of the Olympics.

Schooling was able to set a new Olympics record with the 100m butterfly at 50.39 seconds as he quickly edged out Michael Phelps. The entire race he was in dead heat with Chad le Clos from South Africa and Laszlo Cseh of Hungary, though emerged as the champion at the end of the race.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and President Tony Tan were in attendance to provide support to their Singaporean athletes and provided an ample amount of congratulatory remarks to Schooling. According to a Facebook post from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, “It is an incredibly feat, to compete among the world’s best, stay focussed, and emerge victorious.”

Many people believe that once an athlete wins a medal that’s all they have to show for their efforts, and although this is a phenomenal achievement in itself, Schooling was able to bring home benefits to other potential athletes in Singapore as he was awarded S$1 million to create a program that is designed to give more athletic opportunities to residents of the country.

This is one of the many events that occurred in Rio that will forever be known as an upset, as Schooling was able to deny Phelps’ quest to receive his 5th gold medal in Rio and his 23rd gold medal in all of the Olympics.

Michael Phelps has done his fair share of inspiring young athletes in Singapore as in 2008 he visited the country with the rest of the US Olympics swim team. He specifically spoke with Schooling and encouraged him to move to the United States in order to get the training he needed to become a world champion. Today, you can find Schooling as a student of the University of Texas.

Social media networks all around the country were buzzing with news about the upcoming race and as soon as Schooling won his race, the internet exploded. You could hear the cheers and cries of residents throughout the cities and there were even street parties where residents could watch the festivities live.

Schooling’s father held a viewing party at his home in Singapore and when interviewed, wept in pride at the success of his son meanwhile Schooling’s mother was poolside in Rio de Janerio. Both his parents exclaimed that all of his success was as a result of his own determination and desire to be the world’s best swimmer.

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