The products Trade marked 'Sintabond tm' were not developed by Corrosion Control International Limited 1n 1984 as stated on the website

In fact the advertisement placed in the Legal and General Notices section of the South China Morning Post and other newspapers on the 11th July 2005 are misleading and fraudulent as follows:

TAKE NOTICE that with immediate effect our products previously sold under the trade mark “Kelvar” shall be marketed under and by reference to the following newly adopted trade mark:-

Instead, Kelvar tm was stolen from the III Millennium Limited by director & ex director Harold Wright and Barrister-at-law Warwick Greville George Haldane in conjunction with Grant David Robinson and renamed Sintabond after The III Millennium Limited bought sole rights to the Product Kelvar tm and subsidiary company (of Reflec PLC) Corrosion Control International (Asia) Limited (HK).

In fact the Product known as SINTABOND has been modified since and does not have the same properties or blemish-free history as KELVAR.

Currently, shareholders of The III Millennium Limited are applying to the High Court in Hong Kong for derivitive action against Messrs Wright & Haldane and for injunctive releif against Corrosion Control International and Sintabond Limited for theft of proprietary property.

Clients of and/or investors in Sintabond should be made aware of such fraud and should contact the Hong Kong Police for further action.