´Eat STOP Eat‘ is a self help book on nutrition and weight loss which is introduced by Slimmer is Better. The book helps you to discover how a simple change in the way which you eat can actually start melting fat from your body and it will make you forget other super complicated weight loss and diet program. The book guides you with some fast ways to lose weight.

This book proves to be a definite answer to all the questions you have been asking on how to eat for losing weight. When talking about weight there arises many question in our mind. For example; how much should I weigh?, how to lose weight after pregnancy, how to get rid of the cellulite etc. This book explains how by making a little change in your eating habit can give you a tremendous result.

´Eat STOP Eat‘ will help people understand the amazing result of weight loss which they can get by using a simple combination of flexible periods of intermittent fasting and weight training. The book assures that by following Eat STOP Eat methodology, your metabolism will now slow down, you won‘t lose muscle, your workout won‘t suffer and you will also not become an eating machine.

This self help book promises to provide simple ways to lose weight in a quicker and easier way than ever before. Eat STOP Eat is offering some great benefits to you:

• You don‘t need to worry about the food all day.

• No slowing down of metabolism and neither you will go into starvation mode.

• You won‘t get cranky and light headed.

• There is no need to avoid going to the restaurants with your friends.

• You will save your money.

• You don‘t have to take unwanted supplements or have to eat any kind of fat burning foods.

• You will lose all body fat.

• No eating of mega- doses of protein each day.

• You will be productive.

• You don‘t have to avoid fats or crabs.

• You will still continue to have great workouts.

• You will have energy.

Eat STOP Eat will not waste your precious time. The book is not complicated as other diet books. It will tell you simple yet effective ways to lose body fat and help you look slimmer and healthier. Place your order today! And make sure you use all the benefits that Eat STOP Eat provides.