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Established in 2007, SmallRig has been supplying photographic peripherals and accessories to the worldwide filmmakers and videographers. SmallRig locates in China, which enables close contact with Chinese manufacturers. It allows SmallRig to develop to a total solution provider, providing not only camera cages but also handles, rails, plates, EVF mounts and other camera accessories.

How Popular Is SmallRig?

SmallRig owns the community in the photographic supply industry with more than 20,000 active users. SmallRig official website gets at least 20,000 visits per day. SmallRig products are in the top rankings under Camera Cage and Camera Rig catalogues in the major search engines.

Why Is SmallRig?

Win-Win Philosophy

SmallRig offers reasonable and tempting distribution prices to make sure the distributors achieve successful businesses . Win-Win philosophy is what SmallRig believes in.

Listen To Users

SmallRig insists the principle: talking to the photography experts and hobbyists before designing the products. That’s why SmallRig products are user friendly and solution oriented.

How Do SmallRig Products Differentiate from Others?

SmallRig products provide 2-year warranty. This thanks to that SmallRig keeps good relationship with the camera accessory manufacturers and maintains highly strict control from material sourcing, producing and testing.

How Far Has SmallRig Been?

SmallRig products have been sold to up to 180 countries and areas. Since the main market is the United States, SmallRig looks forward to work together with the future distributors in exploring more local markets.

Company: Shenzhen SmallRig Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: 4/F, Building 12, Yazhou Industrial Park, Bantian, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Tel.: +86 18610928011
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