Smart Finch Breaks Free From The Sea Of Sameness That Engulfs The Marketing Industry

In an industry full of “18 year old tech wizzes” and “artsy graphic design hipsters”, Australian businesses are becoming increasingly skeptical about outsourcing their marketing efforts. For newly founded start-up Smart Finch Marketing, it was important to break free from industry stereotypes and cut through the bull to provide marketing solutions that help Australian businesses scale, even during crises.

At a time where businesses are struggling from the economic impacts of a global pandemic, the idea for Smart Finch Marketing was born. Luke Ivanovic, founder and CEO, explained, “It was heart-wrenching seeing the way Aussie businesses have suffered during the COVID-19 crisis. For many businesses, marketing was the first thing to hit the chopping board. I asked myself, why is that the case? The answer is unfortunately many marketing professionals and agencies fail to provide businesses with a real return-on-investment; instead focusing on metrics like “brand awareness” and “impressions”, which do not necessarily translate to sales.”

“Starting Smart Finch Marketing during a crisis was a risk. But it was born from a desire to give Aussie businesses a way to grow and scale through marketing solutions that focus on what they care about - sales”.

What is the secret behind this result-drive marketing approach? The secret is that there is no secret. Smart Finch Marketing employs age-old, proven techniques of value-based marketing in a modern, digital world.

The method behind how to craft a compelling offer, or write engaging content that captivates your audience has not changed, however according to founder Luke Ivanovic, “many new-age marketers have neglected these tried and tested methods”. Although the principles behind these methods have not changed, what has evolved are the digital channels that allow businesses to distribute their message to their target audience.

Smart Finch Marketing stays true to the principles of value-based marketing, but capitalises on modern digital mediums that provide Aussie businesses with a way to reach their most profitable customers and clients, and break through the “sea of sameness” that consumes their own industry.

About Smart Finch Marketing

Smart Finch Marketing is a Brisbane based digital marketing agency servicing businesses Australia-wide. Smart Finch offers a full scope of services that make it a one-stop-shop for Aussie businesses looking to outsource their marketing and get a greater return on their expenditure. Smart Finch offers web design, SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, lead funnel creation and marketing automation.

If you wish to understand how Smart Finch Marketing can help scale your business, reach out directly to founder and CEO Luke Ivanovic at [email protected] or head over to