, the pioneer bulk SMS services provider in India is offering bulk SMS gateway servies to send group SMS all over India. The company is also providing premium messaging services for critical messaging purpose like share tips, commodities tips etc. the company is also providing short code services at lowest prices. has launched innovative sollutions for sending group SMSs all over India, regardless of different gateway networks. The company provides bulk SMS software with MS Excel plug-in to enable its user send bulk SMS to entire group or list with a single click. This is a boon for those dealing in shares and bullion market. The company provides Premium SMS services to send important updates like share or commodity prices, tips etc. big companies can ask for API integration to use their own contact list for sending bulk SMS.

The company provides short code solutions which customers can use to send feedbacks to the copany. “today mobile has become an imperative part of our lives. Businesses spend a lot of money on banner ads , newspaper ads, televison ads etc. for a single view but mobile messaging reaches the individuals and grabs their personal attention” says a representative. “we also help in receiving reply from the customers through short code solutions” he adds.

The technological advancements have made it possible to reduce your overheads and increase profits. Bulk SMS services fulfills both the business objectives i.e. promotion and low cost. This is the most effective and cheapest way of coming into contact with viewer, getting read and receiving feedback without irritating consumers. Voice SMSs are also in to revolutionize the commercial communication strategies.

While asked about who the bulk SMS service is useful for, the director of the company replies that “this services is quite useful for Educational Institutes, stock brokers, commodity dealers, Software Companies, Fashion Industries, Employment websites, MLM companies, Financial Institutions, SEO companies, Insurance companies, Real Estate dealers, etc.” He also ascertains that the bulk SMS service is equally effective for running Election Campaigns, voting, polling and survey purpose.

Other services of include footer advertisements, short codes on 54545 & 56767, long code solutions on 56767776, bulk voice SMS campaigning, and bulk messaging all over India. The company is engaged in providing online and offline business solutions for many years now. “the success of bulk SMS technology is evident by the volume of business and growth prospects” says marketing executive of “we are receivng hunderds of inquiries on daily basis and conversion rate is much higher than that in any other businesses” he adds. “this is a wonderful earning opportunity for bulk SMS resellers, too” says a bulk SMS reseller.

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