Tablets, handheld devices and laptop computers nowadays are a piece of everyday life.

There are some groups that repair computer hardware and offer them to not-profits at low cost or as a donation. While giving old neglected Laptops to foundations one ought to likewise take care of the earth and attempt and give locally to minimise any environmental impact.

Giving your unneeded Laptops charitable foundations is an extraordinary approach to help other people. For a few charitable groups it is imperative that the hardware is of high spec; in any case, different groups have specialists who can overhaul them.

There are community organisations that will make use of your donated redundant PC hardware such as laptops, tablets, servers and other donations.

On the off chance that you are likewise giving software with a portable workstation please ensure you incorporate the product permit and any CDs or DVDs.

Before giving tablet for charitable use you can ask family and friends if they can utilise the items you don't need any longer and they can likewise give them to individuals who require them. On the off chance that things are not appropriate for giving contact your local city.

Ensure that you erase all documents, pictures and projects on your PC's hard-drive. It's dependent upon you to ensure your own information has been, or will be, expelled from your PC. Deal with your own information and diminish the danger of it being used by another person.

Giving and donating Laptops for charitable use is extremely valuable and strong for helping disadvantaged individuals who can't manage the cost and are attempting to recover their lives.

Thousands of UK’s homeless are without Internet access every year, making it virtually impossible for them to access to the job force. SocialBox.Biz is providing an avenue for them to reach a better life. SocialBox.Biz a London UK based Social Enterprise startup collecting those no longer needed but still working laptops and tablets from corporate working environments, ensuring they reused and some re-homed to those in need.

“It’s one thing for us to provide the homeless, elderly, and poor members of society with a functioning laptop and Internet access — it’s another to train them in their functionality so they’re about to productively use the computers for good,” said Samuel Sonu, spokesperson for SocialBox.Biz. “We are incredibly excited to have partnered with the charitable groups for ensuring our recipients are able to successfully rejoin society.”

The social business venture partners with groups, organisations, businesses, and corporations that then host a laptop donation bin on their property. From the increased awareness of donation bin presences, these partners collect all the laptops that SocialBox.Biz then refurbishes for the recipients. Through their collaboration with local charities the laptop handover occurs with individuals already registered with accommodation services on their way back to joining society.

“Our goal is to help as many individuals living without Internet access in the UK to have a chance with successful digital immersion today,” said Samuel. “We want to thank all of our partners thus far, and look forward to working with the charitable groups for effective and important software installation training and education solving digital exclusion.”

To host a laptop donation collection box at your office or donate your old laptop visit:

Samuel Sonu
Tel.: +44 843 289 5722
Address: London, United Kingdom
Email: Info (at)