MOST people buy a spa so that they can luxuriate in it. For some people, though, it
can be therapeutic too, because it eases pain. Judith Carlon has recently found out the benefits of a spa for her 12-year-old daughter Amy. Amy was born with arthrogryposis, a condition that shortens tendons. ´´It shortens the tendons in Amy‘s feet and this is the part of her body that has been worst affected,‘‘ Judith Carlon said. ´´Over the past 12 years we have tried to keep her feet corrected.‘‘ Amy benefits greatly from aqua exercise that help correct her feet. But then the Carlons to sell their old home, which had a swimming pool where Amy could excercise. ´´When we moved out we thought we would buy a spa. so we went along to Blue Haven Pools and Spas in Narellan,‘‘ Judith Carlon said. ´´They were great, and we have been amazed at the difference that the spa has made to Amy‘s progress compared with the pool.‘‘ The Carlons decided to buy a Blue Haven hydrotherapy spa. Blue Haven pools and spas executive manager Remonda Martinez says hydrotherapy spas have become remarkably popular in the past five years. ´´This spa is really designed for therapeutic benefits and has a really advanced jet system,‘‘ Ms Martinez said. ´´This range of spas targets deep penetration for muscles. ´´The jets are in various places to allow deep tissues penetration for everywhere on the body.‘‘ The hydrotherapy spa is certainly making life a lot easier for Amy. ´´We have had it only four weeks and already we are noticing the difference,‘‘ Judith Carlon said. ´´We looked at a lot of spas but this spa was the best. It has a flat seat, handrails making it easy to get in and out of and jets on the floor, which are really important for Amy‘s feet. ´´We aren‘t thinking of putting in a pool any more, because the spa has really helped her out.‘‘

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