Dresses play a very essential and important of a women‘s wardrobe. Formal dresses have their own significance and similarly women like to wear party dresses on special occasions. Apart from formal dresses, there are various kinds of party dresses suiting every event and occasion. Today dresses comes in various ranges, sizes and designs. The various types of dresses going with the various occasions are:

Evening dresses: Evening dress is for a formal evening party. It comes in various lengths, styles and colors. For an utterly formal event the evening gown considered is usually full length and the color is generally dark. For semi formal evening dresses, the gowns preferred are knee lengths. For this category, you can also prefer to wear evening gowns which will give a beautiful shape to all types of bodies. Evening gowns are available in different lengths and colors.

Prom dresses: Prom is the biggest event in teenagers‘ life. Who doesn‘t want to be crowned a Queen or a king? Every gal wants to look perfect on that night. She wants to dress up in perfection and look like a vision. Prom dresses come in different lengths, styles and colors. It can be long or short, assembled with one or two pieces. Since these dresses are a hole in your pocket, therefore it is wise to buy wholesale prom dresses from online stores. Wholesale prom dresses will make you feel special and would prove to be economical.

Bridesmaid dresses: Wedding is a very auspicious everything has to be perfect so does the bridesmaids. There are various options available for bridesmaids‘ dresses ranging from short to long dresses and every color one can think of. While deciding for bridesmaid dresses, the figure and the color of the complexion of the gals should be considered.

Mother of bride dresses: Mother and daughter have a very beautiful relation to share. A wedding is equally important for a bride and the mother of the bride. The mother show look her best that day and what can define her look to the optimum better then a dress. There are a huge selection of mother of bride dresses are available. The mother can wear any dress that she is comfortable wearing on the big day. Usually knee length two piece dress is preferred. But now a days mother can wear halter dresses as well.

Cocktail dresses: Cocktail is the occasion when women like to dress up in short flirty dress. They usually like to dress up in short dress that is made up of either chiffon, silk, satin and taffeta. The cocktail dresses that are all time favorite are the black dress, short spaghetti dress and halters. While choosing cocktail dresses, your body type to be kept in mind. Women who have heavier legs should wear a knee length dress. And women who are slender can go for a dress that is up to 3 to 4 inches above the knee.

Now a days dresses come with a wide selection of ranges. They come in both designer wear and the normal wear. The former is very costly and the later is affordable. But the prices of dresses are growing by day. But it is not a problem anymore as various online websites offer wholesale dresses without compromising on quality and style. Online dress sellers sell wholesale dresses at wholesale prices available in a wide variety. So instead of going for designer dresses you can have many good quality dresses at the same price.