Statement t-shirts are often more effective in making a point and spreading a message than a magazine ad or a billboard. Christian apparel, for instance, can be worn by millions of people around the world. When kids go from home to school and back wearing cool Christian shirts, the messages on them are read by dozens of teachers, classmates and friends a day. Now, how‘s that for effective marketing on a budget? Read on to find out how Christian apparel can help spread the gospel of Christ to thousands of people daily.

People stop to read funny and witty messages on shirts. Try wearing a shirt with a blurb on it in the subway and count how many people look intently at your shirt. Chances are, almost everyone you run into will stop to read what is on your shirt. Cool Christian shirts have witty messages on them that entice ordinary passersby to take a second look. Some Christian apparel also has creative designs and graphics printed on it that make people stop and admire the artwork.

They are an inexpensive way to spread the good word of Christianity. Cool Christian shirts cost much less than a billboard or even a print ad or TV ad. Some shirts cost less than $30 and can even get more exposure than a radio ad or an ad on the newspaper. Besides, people wear Christian apparel not for the money, but because they want people to know about their beliefs. And this trumps marketing gimmicks and blatant advertising any time.

Those who wear Christian shirts can encourage other people to have faith in Jesus Christ. Nothing inspires other people more than the strength of the faith of others. People who wear Christian apparel display their faith proudly and openly. This can encourage others to go on the path to Christ and rekindle faith in them. You never know, for instance, whom you will run into during the day.
The message of faith printed on your shirt can inspire someone who is going through depression or a difficult time in his life.

Wearing cool Christian shirts can inspire others to do the same. Nothing beats on-the-street trending to get your Christian message across. Christian apparel in creative designs appeal to a lot of people and it won‘t be long before others start wearing them as well. You can even be your school‘s Christian fashionista and start a stylish revolution of sorts by wearing fun, colorful shirts or caps with witty messages like “Jesus Power” or “Got Jesus?” printed on them.

It‘s easier to spread the word of Christ and his love nowadays, especially with inspiring and cool Christian shirts. Witty messages, fun colors and creative graphics make these shirts, as well as Christian caps, a great way to encourage people to welcome Christ and his love into their lives. There are also other Christian items, such as skateboards and accessories available to make spreading the gospel of Christ as fun and as unique as possible.

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