You can have a green grass lawn, blooming plants, and trees full of green leaves in the space available around your house, for which watering, absolute light, and manure are absolutely necessary. Water is the basic requirement and perfect watering of the plant has to be taken care of. This can be gained by making use of sprinklers.

Sprinklers are available in different models and designs to suit the model of your lawn. You may have to install more than one sprinkler to cover the whole area of your lawn. You need to know about multiple factors when you choose a sprinkler. Some of them are:

. The size of the lawn and the garden area to be covered by the sprinkler
. The frequency of watering
. The climate familiar in your place
. The most effective way of watering the garden

There are multiple types of sprinklers such as fixed, oscillating, rotating, traveling, and in-ground sprinklers all with their own advantages.

. The fixed sprinklers spray water in a specific pattern on a particular area. The main advantage of this type of sprinkler is that small areas can also be covered and it is economical to use this type.
. The oscillating sprinklers have long tube with many openings and they can move forward and backward and spray water in the shape of a fan. Big areas of lawns can be covered by this type and you can adjust the style of water spraying according to your requirements.
. The rotating sprinklers have more arms and they keep spinning to spray water in full circle. Medium sized land place is covered by this type of sprinkler and you will get even distribution of water at less time.
. The traveling sprinklers can move through the garden and lawn in a definite way and the hose attached to it will be spraying the water to the area. This type of sprinkler helps in watering the odd shaped gardens and saves time.
. The in-ground sprinklers are fixed into the lawn and they come up at the specified time and water the area. All the sides of the house are covered by this type of sprinkler and you can set the time with the help of the timer and program it according to your requirements.

Apart from this, impact sprinklers can rotate in circles and water is sprayed on the garden area with an original clicking sound. It is important that you learn to make use of the sprinklers to save time and water and to spray water according to the soil requirements.

Deepak Khanna

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