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St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor, a St. Louis, Missouri based company specializing in a variety of hair transplant services, has provided information on their website related to their pricing structure.

The information on pricing structure, found on the company’s website under the “Services” heading and the sub-heading “Affordable Pricing,” focuses on the multiple factors that contribute to the final price of a treatment or procedure. The first factor mentioned in the briefing from St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor is amount of hair loss. The greater the area of hair loss, the greater the need of time and resources will be to complete the procedure. A second factor listed by the hair transplant company is the amount of donor hair available. The other factors listed that may affect the final pricing of a hair transplant procedure or treatment include the characteristics of a patient’s hair and the specific desired results of a patient.

St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor offers a few distinct options for patients seeking a hair transplant procedure. The decision made by the patient, in consultation with the doctor, regarding which treatment is the best option for their situation will also factor into the price of the treatment. Among these potential types of treatments that may be chosen by a patient are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) procedures.

Another variable acknowledged by St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor is the fee structure of the doctors the company recommends to a patient. Some doctors, the company instructs, structure their fees on a per graft basis (in which case the aforementioned factors of hair loss amount and available donor hair would be more significant in determining the final price) while other doctors charge a flat fee for each of their services.

St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor concludes their information on pricing with specific details on the actual cost that patients may expect. The company notes that most procedures performed by their recommended doctors fall within the range of $4,000 to $16,000. It can be inferred that such a wide variation is largely due to the aforementioned factors, and that this is the reason the company devotes a considerable section of the information to listing the variable factors involved in determining the final price. The announcement further acknowledges the availability of payment plans for the procedures as low as $150 per month. The pricing structure, according to the website, is among the best values in the market in terms of quality and price metrics. More information can be found at

St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor was founded by a former hair transplant patient with over 10 years of experience in the hair restoration business. Free consultations are available and able to be scheduled through their website.

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