Chester, United Kingdom - StaffCircle, a disruptive SaaS start-up aimed at improving workplace communication, has just launched their platform. StaffCircle is a unique workforce automation software used by businesses with more than 50 employees. It combines a range of elements, including communications, sentiment, HR, training, objectives, reviews and workflow, all in one GDPR-compliant application. It provides workers with a cyber portal into their company and runs on any device, including smartphones and tablets – thereby extending a company’s brand and voice to the pockets of its employees.

Founder and CEO, Mark Seemann: “As companies struggle to engage and retain their best workers, while they adapt to new flexibilities, there are often communication problems and limited access to information. The issue becomes more acute between desk and non-desk-based workers. This disparity leads to lower productivity and engagement. We want to give workers a new voice through a tool that connects them directly to the leaders in their organisation. We also want to give leaders a better channel of communication with their employees, so that they enhance their visibility and increase their insights into their employees’ work lives.”

StaffCircle might be at the beginning of their journey, but their goal is to increase their communications capability in the immediate future. Seemann explains: “The medium-term objective for StaffCircle is to create a complete workforce automation platform that can sit between CRM and ATS (applicant tracking system). The platform is extendable; this way, organisations can use it to create new automated processes or integrate it with third-party systems. People can use a single unified smartphone app for all work-related tasks.”

The idea of StaffCircle was conceived when Seemann recognised that the engagement of the workforce in SMEs is often still in the dark ages. While companies invest heavily in sales force automation and customer service, workforce engagement is usually seriously neglected. This leads to decreased productivity, inefficient data collection for leadership and the inability to convey the company’s vision to dispersed teams.

About StaffCircle:

StaffCircle is a global communications and workforce management platform. StaffCircle’s mission is to engage, empower and enhance people at work through technology. StaffCircle is initially aimed at medium-sized organisations with 50 to 5,000 employees. Founded in 2017 by Mark Seemann (CEO), StaffCircle operates from offices in Chester and Leicester within the United Kingdom.

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