Los Angeles, CA - Over the past few years, the economy has steadily improved and lenders have created guidelines to approve stated income loans without proof of income or tax returns. Stated loans are ideal for self-employed business owners and retired investors looking for a loan but limited by the net income declared on income taxes. can help borrowers to quickly and easily get approved for a stated loan! Senior loan agent Darryl confidently announces “We are California mortgage loan lenders, and we have stated income loan programs that do not require any income documentation.” approves home loans for residential real estate investors and second home owners without the need for pay stubs, W2s or tax returns.

How Does a Stated Income Mortgage Loan Work?

A stated income mortgage loan is a type of mortgage loan where the lender does not require any income verification from the borrower. Tax payment records, pay stubs and other income documents are not needed for this type of loan. Stated income mortgage loan are ideal loan for both self-employed and retired investors, or borrowers who declare very little taxable income. Borrowers qualify based on their ability to make a down payment of 30% or refinancing based on 30% equity. Interest rates for stated loans are slightly higher than conventional loans because the risk associated is higher for the lender.

Benefits and Requirements of Stated Income Mortgage Loans:

Fast approval/closing times. Conventional loans require verification of income documentation, and take much longer to process/approve. With stated mortgage loans income verifications are not needed, underwriting speed is much faster than conventional loans, shortening the time to obtain an approval.

A relatively low credit score (600 FICO) is required to qualify for the stated income mortgage loan.

Loan amounts up to $ 3 million (minimum loan amount is $ 125,000)

A 30% down payment is required, or 30% equity if refinancing

Who Can Approve Stated Income Loans makes it quick and easy to get approved for stated income loans . Approvals are given over the phone, within minutes. Fully underwritten approvals are based on a credit score of 600 or better, and meeting the minimum loan amount requirements of $125,000.

About is stated home loan providers and assist investor with different loan plans and features. The loan program welcomes all credit score and does not take reported income as a factor of the loan approval. can preapproved stated income loan on the first call, and fully approved within hours. can be reach at 818-465-5838 or visit

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