Stevie "the answer" Massey requires no introduction as he is continuing to take the boxing circuit in North Carolina by storm. Coming from a modest background, Stevie Massey aspires to inspire a generation of boxers who can look up to him.

[Charlotte, North Carolina, United States] dated [8th June, 2020]: We live in a society where people often look for role models to find inspiration from. This role model can come from any walk of life and can be instrumental in leaving a lasting positivity on an individual. With his rousing success and notable charitable initiatives, Stevie The Answer Massey is a pro boxer who is fast becoming a household name in North Carolina.

Coached by his father, from the tender age of thirteen, Stevie Massey is a name in the world of pro boxing who has been winning more matches than anyone on the North Carolina circuit. Coming from a modest background, Stevie is much more than several pounds of muscles. He is not afraid to voice his opinions on topics such as Autism and is also actively supporting breast cancer education, awareness, and research with his family.

Stevie Massey is undoubtedly a rising star who holds an impeccable record of 11 victories so far, with his only loss coming to Reggie Brent Jr, a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship start, who has only been seriously challenged by Stevie thus far. Stevie Massey has had a life full of challenges, but his zeal to remedy the wrongs has been the driving force behind his hard work and the resulting success. Stevie also has an aspiration to open his boxing programs after his retirement in order to help the troubled youth who often find it difficult to find life goals.

Recently, Stevie The Answer Massey was quoted as saying, “ I have always believed if I can give blood and sweat for my dreams, I will gain the respect of the people who could relate to my struggles and accomplishment. I don’t want to become a household name just to earn a few TV commercials or make some more money; my target is to inspire the next generation of pro boxers who can develop an unwavering belief in themselves irrespective of what background they come from. Strap me up at my worst, and I will still give my best. Nothing can hold me back now!”

There are plenty of little kids and fellow boxers that have already been inspired by the success story of Stevie Massey as he is fast becoming a name that people can look up and admire. When it comes to naming a selfless role model, Stevie Massey is truly “The Answer.” Stevie credits his resilience to his mother, who successfully fought off breast cancer in the past.

About Stevie the answer Massey
Nicknamed “The Answer” Stevie Massey is a professional boxer from Charlotte, NC, who is the current North Carolina lightweight champion.

Contact information
Contact person: Sherly Massey
Contact Number: 704-431-2403
Email: [email protected]