You can get articles from many websites but most of those free articles are used on thousands of other websites too therefore it means you just have duplicate content on your website and since Search engines can easily identify the dupilcate content on internet therefore your content doesn‘t have any importance to search engines. Its a proven fact that major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn etc. give more importance to websites that have fresh unique content added to their site on a regular basis.

You can get fresh content through new articles on your website. There are two main reasons why people submit articles to article directories. The first is because some people love to write articles. They write about their life experiences, their families, and their careers. The other main reason is for marketing and that is going to be focus of this article. Writing articles for marketing purposes are a great way to share what you know with people while exposing them to a link to your website. If someone reads your story and they like it enough to click on the link in your resource box you now have a highly targeted lead.

The great thing about article writing and submitting them is that it does not take much time. If you enjoy what you write about and you know what you are talking about then you should be able to write a good article in a half hour. The emphasis is on "good". You will not have much success if you write an article with no value for the reader. Your article may be their first impression of you and why would they click on your link if they did not gain anything from your article? Good question, they would not.

Article directories have become very very popular of late, for many reasons. One being that you can have your article ranked in the major search engines, sometimes on page one! Another reason is that most article directories syndicate their articles using RSS feeds. Your articles have the potential for mass exposure around the web. In addition to the syndication, webmasters and newsletter owners looking for content often search article directories for new and interesting material. If your article is picked up by one of them your article may be seen by 1000s and 1000s of people. Now imagine that in your article you were able to solve a problem for these 1000s of people, in other words, provide value to the readers. They would be eager to visit your website in the hope that you have more valuable information. You never know what's going to happen with your article, so make sure you're providing something of value. If you fail to do that you will not experience the full potential of submitting articles.

Benefits of article submission

  • Article submission to our directory is absolutely free
  • Builds backlinks from relevant sites
  • Drives qualified traffic to your site Improves your search engine placement
  • Article Submission will boost your Internet Marketing Campaigns by generating backlinks and traffic both.

Submitting an article at can bring traffic to your site and it is an opportunity for free advertising. Reach hundreds of websites, and thousands of potential publishers. We don’t remove articles that have been submitted to us, which means that your articles can continue to bring traffic to your site for years to come. Your articles may get picked up and reprinted years later – the possibilities are endless.

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