Albuquerque, NM ( 12PressRelease ) July 31, 2009 Sunwest Trust (, Inc. announces the launch of the Individual 401k or i401k. "The i401k gives self-employed business owners the same tax benefits that large corporations have enjoyed for years," says Terry White, CEO of Sunwest Trust, Inc. as well as White adds, "a number of additional benefits not offered by the traditional self directed IRA."

With an i401k, business owners may be eligible to contribute far greater amounts to their 401ks than they could with any other type of retirement plan. In addition, the i401k is much simpler to administer than a typical 401k plan.

Another advantage to the i401k is the Roth contributions that you are eligible to make. You can designate some or all of your deferrals as Roth contributions. Roth contributions are after-tax dollars, so those contributions will grow tax-free.

Unlike self directed IRA, you may take loans from your i401k.

Also, the i401k has lower administrative costs than most retirement options for a small business owner. Unlike a self directed IRA, with the i401k you do not need to have a self directed IRA custodian for your i401k. You may act as trustee for your own plan.

White does note, "that the i401k is not for every small business owner and that there are restrictions and guidelines someone must follow in order to be eligible." White recommends, those who seek to invest using the i401k, "consult a tax professional to make sure that they are making their contributions correctly and to help them fill out the form 5500-EZ when their i401k accumulates over $250,000.00."

To be eligible to have an i401k, you must be a self-employed business owner with no full-time employees other than your spouse. Whites also states, "investors need to make sure to check with their tax professional to find out the limitations and amounts that can be borrowed from the i401k plan."

White adds, "The timing of the i401k could not be better for business owners as well as the company. Despite the tough economy, Sunwest Trust ( continues to grow. By adding new products and providing the same great customer service their clients have come to expect, Sunwest Trust is well on their way to another record setting year. The company has already seen 16 percent growth from this time last year and there are no signs of slowing down anytime in the near future."

One explanation for the sudden growth over the last two years has been the volatility of the stock market. When the stock market hits uncertain times, many investors would rather not gamble their future on Wall Street and investors look for more stable investment opportunities. Self-directed IRAs and 401ks allow savvy investors the opportunity to find the investment that best fits their investment needs, risk tolerance and retirement goals, whatever it may be.

White adds, "not all investments are ideal and whenever you make an investment there is always inherent risk involved. Each investor should acquire competent legal counsel and commit to completing the proper due diligence prior to shifting their retirement dollars into an alternative investment." He adds, "just as it is not your local bank's responsibility to validate the veracity of an investment, neither is it the IRA custodian's job to validate the authenticity of the investments you make with your IRA/401k dollars. The last thing you want to do is gamble away your hard earned retirement savings blindly without verifying the genuineness of the investments your are making."

About Sunwest Trust, Inc.

Sunwest Trust is an independently owned private company that offers self directed IRA custodian, escrow and now Individual 401k services. The company offers a huge range of financial services providing post retirement benefits, private mortgages, real estate contacts and other related fields for its clients. FDIC insured banks back the self directed IRA funds of their clients. For more information on the activities of the company, please visit

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