SuperGeo, the leading global provider of complete GIS solutions, and Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan, are pleased to announce the release of E-narrator. Developed by SuperGIS Mobile Engine, SuperGeo‘s mobile SDK, the E-narrator is a personal botanic tour guide assisting tourists in recognizing the fern ecology easily.

Yinguang (meaning silver light) Lane in Beitou, Taipei, is a famous hot spring lane where a number of hot spring hotels are located. Besides the hot spring hotels, there are various types of fern growing in the lane. However, the variety of different plants may confuse tourists who do not have the knowledge of various plants. In order to introduce the fern ecology in Beitou to more people, SuperGeo and Institute for Information Industry launch the E-Narrator.

E-Narrator is the service integrating GPS navigation system and handheld devices, such as smart phone and PDA. When the tourists taking the handheld device with built-in GPS chip walk in the trail and approach the plants whose data are built in, the system will automatically play the audio and text guide of the plants. Meanwhile, pictures of the plants will also be displayed on the screen to help tourists recognize the plants.

E-Narrator is the location-based electronic guide service utilizing SuperGIS Mobile Engine as the development core. The highly flexible development structure and multiple GIS objects provided by SuperGIS Mobile Engine also support developers to customize the application effortlessly. With GPS positioning, when the tourist approaches some plants, the system will automatically remind the tourists with audio sound to read the information and listen to the guide. Therefore, the tourists can obtain abundant information conveniently during the trip.

The technical trail guide is a long-term scheme. By means of E-Narrator, the tourists visiting Beitou can not only enjoy the hot spring but also rent a smart phone from the hot spring hotels in Yinguang lane, to easily learn the old plants which have been living since Jurassic Era.

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