SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS solutions, develops a Biodiversity GIS application for users to query species information and share survey data by Internet GIS.

In order to efficiently integrate all the survey data from different individuals, groups or websites, Endemic Species Research Institute intends to develop “Biodiversity Geographic Information System”, to construct a sharing platform by using Internet GIS. This project aims to offer users a more convenient query interface, data management and survey tools, and to attract users to use and provide more valuable survey data.

Through the Internet platform, users are able to connect to other databases. The personalized survey data management software offers users the customized management functions. The website also provides the links to statistic data and distribution chart of survey data, as well as the survey table sharing function. In addition, a contribution quantification function is created for users to increase their willingness and convenience to contribute survey data. Therefore, every person could easily be a biological surveyor.

The system is developed by means of across-browser to support the mainstream browsers including Internet Explorer of Microsoft, Firefox of Mozilla, Safari of Mac and Chrome of Google. Thus, users with different tools are all taken care.

The platform mainly provides three functions.

1. Query Speciesï¼Å¡
“Taiwan Biodiversity Network" is the main system in the project. It provides various query methods, such as key word query, geographical range query, conditional filtering query and map query. Users can clearly understand the information of the species matching the searching condition through the simple legends.

2. Uploading Dataï¼Å¡
This system provides three methods to collect data, including On-Line filling, uploading survey pictures, and huge data collection with Microsoft Excel software. On-Line filling not only allows surveyors to fill the data to the interface, but also supports the administrator to fix and design the filling interface through the manager interface. The uploading picture function enables the public to upload their taken pictures of creatures. The Microsoft Excel uploading function is particularly developed for users who own huge quantities of data. Through Excel, the huge data can be imported to the system in batch to reduce the same data duplicated input.

3. User Informationï¼Å¡
The system offers the registered users several services according to the information that users have provided, including user profile, survey data, survey album, tracks and statistic data. This allows each user to see how their data are utilized and thus may arouse users‘ interests to offer more data.

The integrated application of Internet GIS and biodiversity data can help users understand biodiversity distribution efficiently. The system also contributes to land protection and conservation and also assists the prediction and alarm mechanism for climate change and short-term environment change. Also, the regional ecological features can be highlighted to provide the Government with the regional feature information to increase the citizen‘s green income.

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