SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, is pleased to announce the release of SuperGIS DataRectifier 3. Like SuperGIS DataManager 3 and SuperGIS DataConvertor 3, SuperGIS DataRectifier 3 is the application of SuperGIS 3 products and can be used for data rectification tool. Once you install any of SuperGIS 3 series products, you can use the data rectification tool.

SuperGIS DataRectifier 3 facilitates users to use a vector or raster reference layer with correct geodetic coordinates and use six parameters to rectify a layer without geodetic coordinates or with offset coordinates caused by some special factors. Therefore, the rectified layer can get the correct coordinates and can be overlaid with other layers or applied with other layers.

SuperGIS DataRectifier 3 provides the whole new, more friendly, and intuitive user interface, enabling users to edit, import, and export the coordinates of Geodetic Control Points (GCP) easily to improve the efficiency of GCP management. In addition, the brand new map browsing tools and the ways to browse and select GCPs are also improved. Thus, the rectification can be significantly accelerated and the accuracy of GCPs can be increased as well.

As to the supported file formats, the output formats supported by SuperGIS DataRectifier 3 include *.LAN, *.JPG, *.GEO, *.SHP, and so on, so the usability and applicability of the output data can be enhanced.

If you would like to try the latest and the most powerful SuperGIS DataRectifier 3, please go to to get the new data rectification tool.

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