SuperGeo Technologies, a leading global provider of complete GIS Software, was exhibiting at INTERGEO 2009 to showcase its latest SuperGIS 3 Series Software, inclusive of the newly launched mobile SDK, SuperGIS Mobile Engine, and several suites of upcoming software.

This year, more than 16,000 visitors were attracted to INTERGEO, the largest exhibition for geoinformation, geodesy, and land management. Since SuperGeo is releasing the whole new 3rd-generation products and expanding its global reseller network, this is a significant event to meet all the potential partners and clients.

For example, map data companies from Czech Republic, Germany, and Australia are looking for alternative GIS software. Also, the famous PDA producer is seeking for collaboration opportunity in Russian market. In addition, geo-spatial related companies from Brazil, Bosnia, Finland, etc. came to see the GIS solutions as well as cooperation opportunities with SuperGeo.

'INTERGEO is very important for us because we have received much positive feedback and gathered useful information from the visitors and related companies. The business opportunities are increasing. We will do our best to provide better GIS solutions for our clients all over the world‘, says Super Wang, CEO of SuperGeo. With more flexible product selection and good C/P ratio, the emerging GIS software provider is planning to server more markets with the newly developed GIS solutions.

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