Been dedicated to GIS development and promotion for a long time, SuperGeo has been holding GIS training courses. This week, SuperGeo will have several special GIS courses, including Biodiversity GIS and Tourism GIS, in Taiwan.

Biodiversity GIS Training Course
The first series is Biodiversity GIS Course. The special geographic environment and climate result in abundant biodiversity in Taiwan. However, economic development and global warming have influenced and decreased the biodiversity. Taiwan Government is thus planning land recovery and has authorized SuperGeo to hold Biodiversity GIS training courses in Taiwan. The courses are from November 16 to 23, held in 4 parts in Taiwan.

Tourism GIS Training Course
In order to promote recreational agriculture and in-depth travel, Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute has authorized SuperGeo to build a tourist website, called Travel Beam. The platform not only provides rich information for tourists, but also assists shop owners in uploading business data for visitors. During November 24 to 30, SuperGeo will hold a series of training courses, to educate these users in utilizing the platform. The course will also be beneficial to tourism development in Taiwan.

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