SuperGeo Technologies, a leading global provider of complete GIS Software, is going to release SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0, the accessory application tool of SuperGIS 3 series products allowing several common file formats and the file formats defined by SuperGeo to convert to each other.

Through SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0, you can not only use the file in SuperGIS series products, but also convert the file format defined by SuperGeo to other file formats for using in other GIS related software. As a result, you can share the data easily without worrying about the compatibility of GIS data.

The features of SuperGIS DataConvertor are:

•Multiple file format conversion
SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0 enables multiple common vector file formats and raster file formats as well as the file formats defined by SuperGeo to convert to each other. Thus, it is convenient for you to utilize the data in SuperGIS products and other GIS software platforms, and the usability of data will be increased, too. Additionally, SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0 also integrates NRT Data Converter Tool of SuperGIS 2 series. Therefore, you will be able to convert the route files with SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0 for processing route analysis.

•Spatial referencing conversion
Not only can you apply SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0 to convert feature layers and raster layers, you can also covert the spatial reference of layers through SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0. Therefore, you can convert the file formats and spatial reference at the same time.

•Batch conversion
SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0 supports batch conversion so that you can convert a number of assigned single files or the files in a folder simultaneously. You do not need to convert the files separately, so the time for converting files will be significantly decreased. In this way, the working efficiency will be improved.

•Records of file conversion
Compared with the old version, the user interface and manipulation of SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0 are improved greatly. Also, SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0 adds the viewing file conversion record function with which you can clearly recognize the conversion progress, file conversion related information, and whether the file is converted successfully.

SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0 is available once you install any of SuperGIS 3 series products.

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