SuperGeo Technologies, a leading global provider of complete GIS Software, announces that SuperGIS Image Server 1.0 Beta version is released.

SuperGIS Image Server is the set of huge image server software that assists users in managing, processing, and publishing huge quantities of image data and provides multiple on-the-fly image processing capabilities.

SuperGIS Image Server contains 12 built-in on-the-fly processing functions. When the image data on the server receive the requests from the client, the abundant resources and powerful operation ability of the server can calculate the results rapidly, transmit the results back to the client, and display the results on the client. Therefore, SuperGIS Image Server not only helps organizations solve the problems in repeating purchase of images, but also significantly save the image processing time. Also, the value of the images can be maximized to achieve the goal of repeatedly utilizing the image data on the server.

As for image transmitting, SuperGIS Image Server contains image ´compression‘ and ´streaming‘ techniques. Therefore, the problems in managing and publishing huge quantities of data in the traditional GIS way can be solved, and the transmitting efficiency can be improved as well.

With regard to the applications for the clients, SuperGIS Image Server can utilize SuperGIS Desktop, SuperGIS Viewer, and SuperGIS 3D Globe as the applications of the clients. Consequently, the burden of processing images on the client side can be decreased, and the processing results can thus be displayed promptly.

SuperGIS Image Server is expected to be officially launched in November 2009.

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