SuperGeo Technologies, a leading global provider of complete GIS solutions, is going to officially release SuperPad 3.0 in one month.

SuperPad 3.0 is the professional mobile GIS software providing field personnel with important GIS functions, such as to add, edit, measure, and query spatial data. By means of the user-friendly and intuitive user interface, SuperPad 3.0 effectively simplifies the operation process so that field personnel are able to manipulate diversified GIS tools easily.

As mobile GIS applications are increased and developed widely to more fields, SuperPad 3.0 also offers various GIS tools to meet field surveyors‘ requests. Meanwhile, multiple customization functions are built in SuperPad 3.0. Users can employ the desired extensions by effortlessly ticking on the screen; the working efficiency can be improved.

The extensions built in SuperPad 3.0 including Sketch Tool, Network Tool, FixedZoom Tool, and BirdView Tool.

1. Sketch Tool enables users to mark on the map with the stylus tapping on the PDA screen. Therefore, surveyors are allowed to make notes conveniently.

2. Network Tool facilitates field surveyors to set Flags and Barriers as well as use GPS function to plan the best route to satisfy the demands.

3. The buttons of FixedZoom Tool are located at the lower left and lower right corners of the map, so users can zoom in/out the map intuitively and rapidly without searching the buttons in toolbar buttons.

4. BirdView Tool can provide 2.5D visual effect to make 2D flat maps more like 3D maps; users can view the map from different angles.

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