SuperGeo Technologies announces that SuperPad 3, the full-function mobile GIS software, now supports French language.

SuperPad 3 is the new full-function mobile GIS software which integrates mapping, GIS, and GPS techniques into a handheld device. Field-workers who need professional GIS tools are able to collect, edit, measure, etc. the spatial data in the field with mobile devices. Therefore, the validity and usability of field data can be improved and the productivity and effectiveness of field tasks can be increased.

In addition to English and Chinese, SuperPad 3 was upgraded to support German, Spanish, and Japanese in February. Today, the RD Team at SuperGeo notified that SuperPad 3 also supports French language now.

French, like English, is one of the languages used in five continents and by more than two hundred and fifty million people in the world. The French support of SuperPad 3 can benefit more French-speaking users worldwide and assist them in surveying in the field more effectively and conveniently.

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