SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS solutions, announces that the upcoming SuperPad 3 will be able to support Microsoft Windows 7.

SuperPad 3 is the third generation full-function mobile GIS software developed by SuperGeo Technologies. The new support function allows users to employ the powerful mobile GIS functions provided by SuperPad 3 on Windows 7.

SuperGeo Technologies has been dedicated to providing users with the professional GIS software with highly flexible structure, so users are able to accomplish their work more effectively and conveniently. The whole new Windows 7 has significantly improved the operating capability, so users can apply SuperPad‘s powerful mapping and data processing performances on the highly efficient operating platform. Therefore, in the new operating system, SuperPad 3 can definitely be utilized to fulfill your professional GIS requests.

In addition to SuperPad 3, the other SuperGIS 3 series products, like SuperGIS Desktop 3 which is expected to be released in 2010, will support Windows 7 as well.

Now, you can download the free trial of SuperPad 3 on and experience the whole new, faster, and more powerful SuperPad 3.

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