SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS Software, announced a GIS application to farm roads and bridges information in Fu Hsing Township, Taiwan.

Surrounded by mountains, Fu Hsing Township in Taoyuan County attracts many tourists to the beautiful environment every year. However, the attractive natural environment takes the local government a great deal of budget to maintain the roads and bridges. Also, many minor roads are not recorded, so it is difficult for the staff to manage the road conditions. Therefore, Fu Hsing township office plans to build a GIS system to centrally store and manage data and also to help policy maker for better decisions.

"Farm Roads and Bridges Information System" is the Web-GIS system built for this project. The database is built by SuperGeo‘s Internet Map Server, SuperWebGIS. To effectively apply the census and the result, this project designs a complete database of farm roads and bridges. With the map server, a complete set of WebGIS system is established to generate maps and provide GIS functions. In the future, users in related units can use the functions in the system simply through the browser software.

The system function architecture can be divided into four parts: Basic Map Manipulation, Thematic Layer Query, GIS Position, and Management.

1. Basic Map Manipulation:
The system provides various map browse tools. Users can select Zoom to Full Extent, Zoom In/Out, Pan or Measure tools to do basic browsing functions depending on their needs.

2. Thematic Layer Query:
The system provides various layer data, such as bridge, mile point, disaster point, suspension bridge, cadastral map, road, aerial photography, and terrain map. As users directly click any of the data, the surveying photography of the clicked centroid will show. Besides, if the user has the administrator authentication, the attribute data of the facility can be modified with the modification function.

3. GIS Position:
The system provides ten methods to position: Village Position, Cadastral Position, Coordinate Position, Mile Point Position, Farm Road Position, Bridge Position, Damaged Road Position, Damaged Bridge Position and Suspension Bridge Position. Users can select the suitable position method as the needs by clicking the list to rapidly and efficiently search the required centroid.

4. Management:
The system uses account authentication mechanism as the foundation of the web management. Through the account authentication, users can manage web, increase or modify disaster centroid, load road maintaining data or load farm roads according to the authentication; the data can be maintained and updated.

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