Sydney no-dig, or inversion pipe relining and blocked drain specialist, Platinum Pipe Relining, has recently intensified its pipe relining work and public education efforts to help residents in Sydney and surrounding suburbs mitigate the devastating financial crises caused by COVID-19.

Pipe problems are on the rise as soaring temperatures result in stubborn tree root intrusions and amplified loads from an increasingly active public. Although archaic and destructive, many property owners have resorted to using traditional ‘dig up and replace’ pipe repair methods for replacing and repairing broken or damaged pipes, drains, and sewers. Unbeknown to the public of Sydney, these outdated techniques are unnecessarily expensive and invasive in comparison to no-dig pipe relining. Considering the current economic climate, this prompted the pipe relining experts to expand their operations and focus their efforts on educating Sydney’s struggling public on their options.

The team of expert plumbers, who own and operate Platinum Pipe Relining, explained that their goal is to show their support and make good on their promise; to ensure the best outcome for the best possible price. They achieve this by repairing and replacing problem pipes, drains, and sewers at a fraction of the cost through the revolutionary no-dig pipe relining process, as well as creating accessible educational YouTube videos. According to the team, inversion pipe relining is a lifeline for Sydneysiders struggling to make ends meet, as no disruption to gardens, driveways, and properties is required to repair or replace problem pipes. They explained, “Because all the work is done underground, there’s no need to bring in the heavy diggers, and because there’s no digging, there’s no repairing of gardens or driveways which makes it the most cost-effective solution when you discover pipe damage.”

Certified inversion pipe relining specialists are unfortunately scarce in Sydney, resulting in the public being largely unaware of the groundbreaking no-dig pipe repair and replacement potential it holds. Platinum Pipe Relining has subsequently had multiple new clients, residential and commercial, who sought out their pipe relining services after being given no alternative to unaffordable traditional excavation methods from plumbers. Distressed by this, the team at Platinum Pipe Relining have appealed to the press in the hopes that home and business owners alike can learn about inversion pipe relining and make informed decisions that suit their financial constraints. They said that inversion pipe relining could be the answer for many in need, as “The relining work is all done through a small hole above the ground which means residents and tenants can get on with their lives while the repairs are being done.” This could help struggling Sydneysiders save thousands.

Platinum Pipe Relining is perfectly placed to use pipe relining to save Sydneysiders from this sea of struggle, as not only are they certified specialists, but they stay up-to-date with advances in techniques and technology. Their confidence is evident in the guarantees they offer for all work performed, further solidifying the long-lasting benefits' inversion pipe relining offers. They said, “The pipe relining equipment we have invested in is Brawoliner – because it really is state-of-the-art as the results prove. Compared with traditional pipe repair, the Brawoliner system enables us to repair underground pipe problems in a fraction of the time it takes to dig up and replace the damaged pipe.” Those who can’t afford or refuse to use traditional excavation methods will enjoy a permanent solution to problem pipes, minimal to no damage to their property, a manufacturer life expectancy of 50 years for relined pipes, increased water flow, no excavation or restoration costs, and the elimination of tree root intrusions.

The inversion pipe relining process is incredibly innovative, resembling the medical miracle of keyhole surgeries. It involves impregnating a length of woven liner with durable, flexible epoxy resin and inverting this liner into the affected drain using air pressure. Once inserted and in position, the curing process is sped up by applying hot water to the interior of the liner. The liner will harden and set, leaving a new pipe within the existing damaged pipe. When asked why this process is so effective, the Platinum Pipe Relining team explained, “Fundamentally, the reason that inversion pipe relining is so effective is that the new liner leaves a watertight, seamless sleeve within the existing (host) drain, This means there are no joints, cracks or intrusion points for things like tree roots to come looking for a water source.” With the ability to repair long lengths, small sections, and junctions of damaged pipes, inversion pipe relining truly is the lifeline struggling Sydneysiders need when pipe problems darken their door.

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