Talent Gurus pledges to be a new competitor in search engine marketing business, claims to offer an unmatched price with relentless quality.

One of the fast emerging outsourcing solution providers from India has decided to expand its gamut of services by including Internet Marketing services into its existing suite of services.

Economy has forced lot of businesses to rethink their strategies. Every company now has a part of their operations on the web. So every company is now fighting for the visibility-space on the web. With such advances, the company felt the need to reach out to larger audiences and extend their already expansive client base.

Talent gurus considers “cost-saving without reducing the quality” as its main strength. And the result so far is great. Company has already beefed up its Internet marketing staff. Talent gurus is offering a variety of Internet marketing services, some of them are:

PPC: Pay per click services is aimed at all kinds of clients like B2B, B2C, local market business, etc. These services are accompanied with assisting services like keyword analysis, accounting and optimizing services, monthly reporting services, etc.

SEO: SEO is probably the biggest competition for everyone on the web. Everybody wants to be visible on the web. Talent guru has leveraged such an outburst of demand in this area. Some of the areas of expertise in SEO include:

-> On page and Off page optimization
-> SEO Content Writing Services
-> Viral Marketing Services

SMM: With the popularity of social networking sites, Social media marketing is now an important aspect of promoting products online. TG utilizes following channels to implement SMM

-> Social Networking
-> Micro-blogging
-> Digital Asset Optimization
-> Pod Casting / Video Sharing ……etc

TG says, “We are part of the outsourcing industry, we want to team up with other players to provide what business owners are looking for.”

Moreover, TG maintains a full time blog disseminating important trends in SEO as well as trends in outsourcing industry.

About Talent Gurus

Talent Gurus strategic outsourcing solutions help you outperform your competition in a cost effective manner by allowing you to focus on core competencies thereby boosting productivity and increasing profits. Clients worldwide have access to a vast talent pool of resources through our state-of-the-art offshore facility in Hyderabad, India.

Website: http://www.talentgurus.net