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Tangselone.com is a highly reputed online medium known for effectively combining conventional journalism with the best of citizen journalism or Berita Tangsel along with information and news from various sources. The portal serves as an open space or platform that effectively allows anyone and everyone to write news and communicate information, photos, videos and opinions which can then be easily accessed by other users. Through http://www.tangselone.com , the reader can easily become a contributor and help in spreading important news across a large base of readers. The site www.tangselone.com receives news and information on a broad range of topics, starting from art performances, broken roads, culture, inspirational figures, releases, innovation and creativity, economic changes, political uprising and news, social events, special events as well as case reports that involve corruption, illegal levies and other issues. The best thing about Tangselone.com is that all the news and latest information are shown in an organized manner so that the visitors can easily go through them.

There are mainly three different types of contributors working with Tangselone.com. The first section of contributors sends raw information about different topics to the site’s in-house team. The second section of contributors sends various news or posts that are already set to run, but they may need some editing before they are finally posted. The third set of contributors can simply go ahead and publish their own information and news. While dealing with the third category of contributors, the site usually creates an account with them so that they can easily display the news and writings instantly. A contributor for the third category is chosen only through a process of rigorous selection. The online portal carries a careful selection process among active contributors and a number of factors are considered before the individual is approved for self-posting news and other information. Due to this reason, the contributors simply write and send the report to the site owners so that they can edit them again before finally posting them. Different types of content can be posted through the site, such as text and information, videos and photos.

About Tangselone.com

Tangselone.com is a leading online portal known for offering journalistic news about a wide range of different topics. It is an open portal that also allows users and visitors to post news and information of different kinds.

To know more about Tangselone.com, visit http://www.tangselone.com

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Stanley M. Tseng
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